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Tears of glory, Dennis Pedersen

Tears of glory, Dennis Pedersen
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Tears of glory
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Dennis Pedersen
From the moment of his birth, the life of Gabriel Adams is marked by signs and miracles. At his baptism, the pastor witnesses a blood-red cross appear on Gabriel's forehead and is struck down by heavenly visions. Even more striking, as Gabriel grows into a teenager, he raises the dead by crying tears of blood, saving his principal from a heart attack and his best friend Mary after a horrific car crash. With each miracle, the paramedics and doctors are astounded, but Gabriel refuses to take credit, saying only that they occurred through the grace of God. Everything changes for Gabriel when, on his way to Rwanda as a Peace Corps volunteer, his plane is struck down in a storm. The plane crashes on a remote island in the Atlantic, killing all aboard except for him and leaving him stranded. Though taken in by a tribe of friendly natives, Gabriel soon realizes that he has no way to get home to his family and Mary, with whom he has begun to fall in love. As Gabriel searches for a way home and struggles to come to terms with his miraculous powers, he will encounter more challenges than he ever dreamed possible. It will take every ounce of his unshakeable faith in God and his unwavering love for Mary to see him through to the end and to a final understanding of God's purpose for his life
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