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A trunk trilogy, Steve Marshall - electronic bk

When you can't call the cops...Call Trunk.Get the first three books at a bargain price.Trunk #1Meet Dennis Trunk.He's good at solving puzzles and he's not afraid to get his hands dirty.He won't kill unless he has to.Your new guardian angel is a psychopath.One to two percent of the population are psychopaths.Trunk is highly functional.He has a steady job, an ex-wife, and a side business offering discreet services that work well with his condition.From investigations to body disposal, Trunk has your back.Drugs are a business and Art Piro is a very successful business man.An arsonist is destroying his business.Trunk is hired to find out who is behind it and stop them. The list of suspects is long.VigilantesCompetitorsAn inside jobPlenty of suspects and each of them ready to kill.Trunk #2Online Delores Hutchinson is known as His Hot Ex.She is Holly Pepper's best friend in the online adult entertainment business.Last week Delores missed the girl's night out.Her body was found naked and strangled in a dumpster at Disney in Orlando.Lauren Dufrene is known online as Milf Monica.She was murdered in Savannah, Georgia.The cops haven't connected the two cases yet.It started as a twisted contest.A serial killer was born.But Delores Hutchinson has a friend she never knew about......a friend with benefits....Dennis TrunkWhen Holly Pepper asks Trunk to find the killer the damage gets extensive.Holly's name is on the kill list.If you want to catch a psychotic helps if you are one.Trunk #3Dennis Trunk is a man of his word......and sometimes that's fatal.Trying to escape from the cartel, with 7 million dollars stashed, he needs an exit - fast.But the cops have their own plan for his future.They want to pin a murder on him and force him to roll over on his customers, a who's who of southern criminals.When a job in Mexico goes wrong Trunk sees the opportunity to escape both the cartel and the cops.But to get out, he has to sell out a friend.What would you do?When you can't call the cops...Call TrunkBut who does Trunk call?
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