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Summary of adam becker's what is real?, Irb Media - electronic bk

Please note: This is a companion version & not the original book. Book Preview: #1 The Copenhagen interpretation of quantum physics states that quantum physics is a tool for calculating the probabilities of various outcomes of experiments. It does not allow us to do more than predict probabilities for quantum events, because quantum objects do not exist in the same way as the everyday world around us. #2 The Copenhagen interpretation was meant to be a relaxing philosophy that provided a soft pillow for the believer, but it had little effect on Einstein. He demanded an interpretation that gave a coherent story about the world, even if no measurement was taking place. #3 The theory of quantum physics is strange and abstruse, and its mathematics is unfamiliar and difficult to understand. It is not immediately clear what the theory is saying about the world. #4 The Schrödinger equation is a totally deterministic equation that can be used to predict the behavior of any wavefunction. However, when you make a measurement, the laws of physics seem to behave differently
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