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Awesome god, Jerry M. Gilbert - electronic bk

My book, Awesome God, tells of the many miracles in my life. I was born on an old farm in Vivian, Louisiana. We were very poor and had no running water, gas, or electricity. We lived in an old three-room house with a fireplace in the living room as our only source of heat for the house. God healed me instantly of polio when I was five years old and in 1944, there was NO treatment or vaccines at that time for polio it was a death sentence. Awesome God is full of such miracles in my life. He is a can-do anything God can and will do the same for you provided you put your hand in his hand and ask him to "Lead on, King Jesus." An Awesome God that can simply speak the world into existence hangs it on nothing, yet it still hangs in space. He created the Sun for the earth to orbit around and He created the moon to orbit around the earth as it orbits around the sun. He lets the earth make a rotation every twenty-four hours making it appear the sun rises in the east and sets in the west! Tilting back and forth as it orbits, the Sun giving us Summer, Spring, Fall and Winter in the Northern Hemisphere and just the exact opposite in the Southern Hemisphere. He is a can-do-anything God
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